Down But Not Out…


 I just wanted to leave a note with my sincere apologies for lack of posts lately, but I have what’s been going around [not sure if it is Norwalk Like Virus or C Difficille, or Food Poisoning]… but I am now on round two with a pre-existing medical condition that is making it very dangerous. I am very weak and tired & I appreciate all your continued support and hope to be back to regular blogging soon. Keep foraging for your own fab and don’t forget to send me links of your own fab finds so that I can storm up the blogosphere upon my return — Ketsy

About Ketsy

Amateur Artist and Writer, Professional Procrastinator, and a Die-Hard Insomniac. A Child of the 70s, an Identical Twin with a Rampant Fondness for all things Cake and Candy. Equal parts Rockabilly Pin-Up, Sad Eyed Vixen, Kawaii Kitten, Sloppy Geek, Paranormal Dreamer, InterNOT DJ, Book Glow Worm, Punk Racketeer, and Retro Headed Hoarder. Lover of Things Sweet & Sour, Teeny Tiny, Rainbow-Tastic, and Ugly Cute. Tendency to Over-Use Capitalization. The Internet is my Source of Endless Inspiration. Everything I See, Read, Listen To, and Watch Helps To Fire My Creativity Boosters and Gives Me Fuel To Dream.

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